Do you need custom embroidered baseball caps for your team? Do you need embroidered shirts to give away as swag at a convention or do you need them as part of your employee’s uniforms? Do you need embroidered bags to give to your customers as appreciation for their business? Towels embroidered with the name of your business? Embroidered jackets maybe? Are you an artist with a design you think would look amazing embroidered onto something? You can have beautiful, high quality embroidery done on pretty much any type of item you can imagine in less time and for less money than you might think possible.


Screen Printing

Do you need a bunch of t-shirts printed to promote an event? A business? A school organization or club? A band? A community group? High quality screen printing might be the way to go. Very basically, screen printing is a process where a stencil is used to apply ink onto a garment or other material. This type of printing has several advantages. It is a cost effective way of creating large quantities of a design in a short amount of time, it is capable of producing a diverse range of designs in many different colours and images created by this process tend to be durable and less prone to fading and dulling.



Before your logo can be embroidered, it must be digitized. Digitizing is a computerized technique of turning a design image into an embroidery program. Special software is used to create plotting commands for the embroidery machine which in turn creates your logo into a language that the embroidery machine understands.


Thermofilm Application

Thermo-FILM is very durable and won't crack, peel, or fade once heat applied. Superior opacity makes it the best choice for blocking dye migration on polyester as well as sublimated garments.Thermo-film application is one of the many ways we can apply your logos and designs onto your garments of choice.

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Patches & Crests

At Van Luyk Embroidery & Mister Tee's Clothing Company, we don't only do logos. Looking to have your favorite patches and crest added to a shirt or sweater? Look no further than our team. We are trained and experienced in many forms of applications from embroidery to thermofilm application to get your patches and crest where you want them. Come in today and see what we can do for you!

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Twill Cresting

Twill cresting uses specialized, custom cut poly-twill material to create the logo or image and is then sewn onto the jersey. It is most often used in conjunction with embroidery.Twill cresting is one of the many ways we are experienced in adding your logos and designs onto your garments. Stop by today and see what we can off you.

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Logo Design

Looking to have a logo design to show off your business or product? At Van Luyk Embroidery & Mister Tee's Clothing Company, our team knows the importance of an eye catching logo. That is why our team works hand in hand to creating the logo you have always wanted. Come in and see what we can do for you today.

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